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Omanut: Jewish Uptown Arts

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Omanut: Jewish Uptown Arts seeks to provide quality, free community programs with a Jewish theme.  Our goal is to share the deep and long-storied history of Jewish tradition and culture with our larger New York City community.  Our events seek to be thought-provoking and also family friendly, a place where everyone in our community can feel welcome and free to be themselves. We are proud to work with so many segments of our community.


Omanut: Jewish Uptown Arts provides two major programs during the year: Sukkahwood and Uptown Jewish Film.

Uptown Jewish Film is the only event of its type in Northern Manhattan.

Sukkahwood is going strong and provides a meaningful way to use the lessons of the Jewish holiday of Sukkot to engage with our larger NYC family.

As Northern Manhattan grows more and more, Omanut: Jewish Uptown Arts seeks to provide the same type of services and cultural events that can be found in the rest of the city.

Contact Information

(646) 883-5397

We are located at

577 Isham Street

Apartment 2E

New York, New York 10034

Goldie Gross Profile Pic.jpeg

Goldie Gross



Rabbi Herschel and Mrs. Raiza Malka Hartz

Directors and Founders

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Tax Information

Please note that no goods or services were received in return for this tax-deductible donation.  Sukkahwood Inc., AKA Omanut: Jewish Uptown Arts, is a 501(c)3 IRS approved Not for Profit organization.  

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